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Island War

4.0 ( 0 ratings )
Vývojář: fengfeng wang

Lsland War is a TG element with the break into the entertainment game, so that your life is full of fun.
Lsland War is a vertical screen game, click to start, enter the game, you can see a level map, you can choose a level, and then click to enter, you can start the adventure, start the game, you will encounter a variety of monsters, You need to operate the knight to destroy them, the left side of the roulette is to move around the right, there are attack buttons and shield buttons on the right, you can flexibly operate it, the upper left corner, there is a button, click on it, you can also switch the attack weapons , The upper right corner also see Of the time, you need to destroy the number of monsters, in order to pass, come experience it